Friday, 16 March 2018

ANTIFA V Black Metal

There’s no doubt that the Black Metal scene has become more right-wing in recent years, and I reckon Antifa must shoulder a good part of the blame. By seeking to get gigs of bands they see as “offensive” shut down, they are driving fans of those bands into the arms of the far right through the ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend principle’. This happened to me back in the 80s, except in reverse. Back then the main threat to my freedom to listen to and read what I wanted came from the right. You had Tipper Gore and the PMRC trying to get metal bands censored and Mary Whitehouse and co making it impossible to get uncensored gore and porn. This naturally drove a lot of people who valued freedom of expression towards the left, indeed I became actively involved in the anarchist movement for a while. It took me a few years to realise the Left and Right just represented different facets of the same Christian ideology I thought I had rebelled against and that all political ‘wings’ or movements are inherently hostile to true individualism.

Many of today’s Black Metal fans are too young to remember the 80s, their first experience of having someone else trying to decide for them what forms of expression are acceptable comes courtesy of left wing organisations like ANTIFA and political correctness in general. So they get pushed to the right, just as I was pushed to the left back in the 80s.

I’ve heard it suggested that if bands like Burzum and Graveland hadn’t brought racialism into Black Metal, and just stuck to singing about Satanism, the left would never have had a problem with it. Utter nonsense! The left stands for egalitarianism, taking from the successful to prop up those who can’t support themselves. Satanism is an expressly elitist, social Darwinist philosophy that stands for allowing society to stratify itself to the point that those who can’t cope on their own perish through their own inability. The Church of Satan’s ‘five point plan’ PentagonalRevisionism, written by our found Anton LaVey and Satanism:The Feared Religion by our current High Priest, Peter H Gilmore, make this explicit. Passages like “Practical application of this doctrine would see the complete cessation of the welfare system, an end to no-strings attached foreign aid and new programs to award and encourage gifted individuals in all fields to pursue personal excellence” leave no room for misinterpretation, despite the best efforts of a certain pseudo-Satanic group whose name I shan’t lower myself to mentioning! In other words, even if Black Metal had stayed strictly Satanic, I believe the conflict between it and the far left would be as inherent as the conflict between science and religion.

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