Friday, 8 September 2017

Some Random Thoughts On My Political Stance, Will and Technology

1. This is my life and I will live it however I want. Anyone who tries to tell me what or whom I can say, think, read, watch, listen to, love or hate, is my ENEMY. This is why I take no sides in the tiresome Left vs Right struggle. Not because I am ‘sitting on the fence’ but because I see both sides as being equally hostile towards that which I value the most, my individuality.

2.  W I L L – 4 very important letters. 4 letters that mean the same to me in English as they do in German. In German will is the first person present form of the verb wollen – to want. Ich will gehen = I want to go, a statement of desire. In English I will is a statement of fact. For me the 2 are synonymous, if I want to do something and I have the physical means to do it I will. The only authority I respect that can make me do something I really don't want to do, or prevent me doing something I really DO want to do is - superior physical force. To prevent either of those situations arising, that is one of the main things that keeps me motivated to keep training at Krav Maga and  working on my strength.

3.  I grew up reading (and still read) a lot of Science Fiction from the 40s – 70s what I consider to be the Golden Age of sci fi. Those authors generally had 2 visions of how humans would be using technology in the 21st century. Either to make life easier such as robots doing dangerous/demeaning work, flying cars or hypersonic transport. Or the dystopian vision of nuclear warfare, sentient robots and computers trying to wipe out mankind etc. It seems neither has really happened, instead technology has mainly served to make life less PRIVATE, it is easier than ever for governments, employers and business to monitor what we are up to, where we go, what we buy etc. Meanwhile we work just as long as we did before all the IT technology came along, and for many the way it has made it easier for their employer to keep tabs on them has meant work has become even more, not less stressful!

 It’s as if our thinking has got smaller, no flying cars, inter-city moving walkways or hand-held laser blasters, but hey, let’s all get excited about a computer the size of a credit card! If anything things have gone backwards with the abandoning of the Space Shuttle program and the grounding of the Concorde and Tupolev supersonic airliners. What a damning indictment of modern small thinking it is, that you could fly across the Atlantic faster forty years ago than you can now!

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