Thursday, 30 October 2014

Check Your Privileges?

Anyone else noticed how ‘privilege’ has become a dirty word these days among the liberally/left wing inclined? The implication from numerous posts I’ve seen on social media being that if you come from a ‘privileged’ background you have no right to complain about anything and should basically walk around with a big grin plastered over your face!

I just see this as yet another example of the Christian meme [Meme Theory] attempting to survive in a modern scientific world that has made belief in much of the Bible’s contents impossible for many, specifically the part of the Christian myth that deals with original sin.

The Biblical Christian goes around burdened with guilt from the ‘sin’ of Adam and Eve – the fact that Christianity considers the act of acquiring knowledge and the ability to think for yourself a ‘sin’ should make it clear that it is just a cult of stupidity and ignorance but that’s another story. The ‘New Age Christian’, the predominantly middle class socialist/liberal meanwhile goes around burdened with the guilt of their ‘privileged’ upbringing and the ‘sins’ of their ancestors - colonialism and the slave trade.  What I find especially tragic is the lack of self-awareness of the second type. Generally they will consider themselves emancipated from Christian dogma and above such backward superstitions. Some may even have “no gods, no masters” patches sewn onto their intentionally torn and dirty crusty clothes – the modern day equivalent of the old style Christians’ sack cloth and ashes!

If you do come from a privileged background I say embrace it, be proud of it and make the most of your opportunities. There is a whole world of pleasure out there to be experienced and you only get one shot at it!  Being broke sucks, there are only 2 kinds of people who glorify poverty. The aforementioned guilt-ridden ‘privileged’ classes who’ve never experienced it and lower order humans who, knowing they can never rise out of the gutter and seething with resentment against their betters, use whatever tactics they can to (in their minds) bring the higher man down to their base level.

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