Friday, 23 August 2013

Outsourcing - Best Idea Since The Chocolate Teapot

The IT I use at work has been getting steadily slower and more unreliable recently. Coincidentally, many of our IT functions have been privatised and put out to tender. The tendering process basically involves inviting bids from private companies to perform a function that used to be done in house, taking the cheapest bid then sitting round wondering why said function has gone to shit! I’d imagine that businesses have a pretty good idea of what their services are worth, any business that consistently under or overestimates the worth of its services isn’t going to last too long. Overestimate and no one will use you, underestimate and you’ll get plenty of takers but no profit. So it should be obvious to even a retard that if one business is offering to perform a service significantly cheaper than another, it’s because they will do it less well! Imagine a workplace closing it’s in-house canteen and putting the catering contract out to tender, bids are received from Gordon Ramsay, Nandos and some dodgy back street kebab shop. Obviously the kebab shop’s bid will be cheapest because they’ll be rounding up stray dogs and dead pigeons rather than buying in good meat, they get the contract and the workers get salmonella! That’s basically how it works, and its pissing me off!

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