Monday, 23 July 2012

Psychics and Mystics

“A fool and his money are easily parted” is a popular saying. I’d go further and say a fool and his money deserve to be parted. One profession that seems to do a good job of separating fools and their money are psychics and mystics. I frequently see psychics being vilified for preying on the vulnerable but I don’t agree, they prey on the gullible and stupid –people who deserve to be parted from their cash.
The principal stupidity at work in all this is of course the utterly irrational belief in the “soul” and the afterlife. The belief that there is some invisible and intangible part of us that somehow lives on after our bodies have been cremated or become worm food is something that should have been buried along with the flat earth theory. Weak people hang onto it though, because they cannot handle the thought of their own extinction and because so many of them are incapable of making anything of their life here on Earth. The idea that they will go to “a better place” when they die excuses them from having to make the effort to create their own heaven (or hell) in the here and now. Without this belief in the “immortal soul” there would of course be no market for the mystic to prey on. I don’t see it as much of a jump up the stupidity scale from believing that humans have this “immortal soul” to believing that someone with a ouija board can contact the soul of your dead relative!

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  1. Indeed. I tired of a certain 'psychic' we know offering to reunite me with my murdered aunt and dead grandparents recently. One, it's incredibly insensitive to bring it up days after they've died, and two, I don't believe a word of it!
    These kind of people hounded my elderly grandparents when Auntie Kate was murdered - as you know my gran wasn't well and having people offer to 'reunite' them was just upsetting for her. They should be outlawed