Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Welfare State Reform

The original idea of the Welfare State was as a safety net, to help people through periods of unemployment until they got back on their feet and found a new job. Unfortunately years of liberal administration has seen it morph into a taxpayer-funded teat that anyone too lazy to work can suckle at for as long as they choose. Since we were sold out to the European Union and our borders were thrown open, Britain, and England in particular have become a haven for the work-shy and useless from all over Europe and beyond, as a result those of us with the gumption to get up off our arses and work find ourselves paying more and more tax while our services such as health and education get poorer and poorer. The Welfare State needs sorting out desperately!

If I was in charge the first thing I would do is make services paid for by the British taxpayer, such as benefits, council housing and NHS treatment available to British citizens only. Still, there are plenty of British born freeloaders abusing the system, in order to sort them out I would make the total amount of benefit a person is entitled to be directly linked to how much they have paid in income tax and national insurance. With all tax records computerised it would be easy for the system, on a daily basis, to calculate exactly how much total benefit a person would be entitled to in the event of them losing their job.

Then if a person did become unemployed through no fault of their own, they would be able to choose between various weekly rates – someone living in a large house with high bills would probably want a higher weekly rate than someone living in a small flat. The caveat is that no one would be entitled to receive more than their entitlement, so there would be a massive incentive to find a new job as soon as possible. Of course people who have never worked and so never paid any income tax or national insurance (and those who find themselves out of work through their own fault) would be entitled to nothing except the place in the gutter their idleness or incompetence has earned them!

I would also stop the ludicrous practice of encouraging people to breed like rats by giving them extra benefits/bigger council houses for each kid they have – why should my taxes pay for the upbringing of children I have not fathered? Of course there will always be those who find it preferable to steal from others, rather than work to acquire their own possessions. I would channel a good part of the money saved from the welfare bill into providing a properly manned and properly ARMED police force, with full administrative back-up so officers don’t have to waste valuable time on paper work. Those who choose a life of crime rather than work would soon find themselves either rotting in jail or face down in the gutter with a policeman’s bullet lodged in the back of their skull – preferably the latter.

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