Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Time For Some Natural Selection!

All species evolve. Evolution is driven forward by the process of natural selection. Over a period of generations the members of a species best equipped for survival will be the ones that tend to survive to mating age so their superior genes will be passed on to the next generation. The slow, the weak the feeble, the “runts of the litter” will tend to either fall victim to predators or starve, so the defective genetic strains are weeded out.

This is why when a film crew goes out into the wilderness to document, say, a group of lion cubs, they do not interfere with the natural selection process. If one cub is weaker than the rest and can’t compete with the others for food, they won’t take pity and feed it, they will let it weaken and eventually die. This is not because they are heartless, on the contrary, to artificially preserve the life of the “runt of the litter” would be an act of cruelty. It would eventually mate and pass on whatever defective genetic code had made it the runt to the next generation, thereby infecting the genetic pool and weakening the species as a whole.

Sadly this logic is not applied to the human herd. Because we live in a society founded on christian values, where wretchedness and failure are seen as virtues and wealth and success are seen as vices (from the Bible: “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”.), over the last 2 millenia a system has evolved where the weak and incapable are nurtured at the expense of the strong and capable.

Even worse, in Britain when people dependant on State benefits decide to breed rather than seek employment, instead of being penalised for their irresponsibility, they are rewarded with extra benefits. In the deprived parts of our cities it is not uncommon to see women in their 20s and 30s of borderline mongoloid intelligence with 4 or 5 young children in tow (often obviously from different fathers), all paid for by the taxpayer. On the other hand intelligent working people are increasingly putting off childbearing until later in life (or permanently) because of the financial burden.

This would explain why each new generation is more illiterate and crime-ridden than the preceding one, by effectively paying the runts of the human litter to piss in the gene pool we are putting the natural selection process into reverse and consequently evolution is going into reverse too. If this is allowed to continue, in a few generations time the famous diagram showing the ascent of mankind from crawling ape to upright homo sapien may start to resemble a hump-back bridge, as the human race gradually degenerates back to the simian. In fact, looking at some of the denizens of South London, that process would appear to be well-advanced!

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