Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My View Of Politics

The left/right dichotomy that dominates our party politics is a game for fools. A diversion to dupe the sheeple into believing they actually have some influence over how the country is governed, while the real power holders, those who control the wealth, continue to rule as they have always ruled.

The political spectrum is like a long open cess-pit, with the occasional pearl of wisdom scattered here and there. The fool adopts a label (communist, nazi, liberal, conservative etc), picks his spot and dives in and spends his time floundering around in the excrement.

The wise man, the individual, the Satanist, walks the entire length of the cess-pit from one extreme to another with a peg on his nose to keep out the stench and a long-handled net to pick out the pearls as he goes on his way.

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