Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Big Green Swindle

The green/climate change movement is a total con, designed to soften us up with guilt so that we will accept ever higher taxes without too much complaint. There is one major reason why the environment is getting destroyed and that is there are simply too many people on this planet. Any movement to save the environment that does not put population reduction at the top of the agenda is at best deluded, more likely deliberately deceptive.

Climate change is being used to make us feel guilty for our “consumerist” lifestyles. The hope is that we will be willing to pay higher taxes on things like fuel or air travel or “offset our carbon” to assuage our guilt. Of course much of the revenue raised will then be used to encourage people to breed, making the problem of environmental destruction even worse, and so the vicious cycle continues.

Reducing the population would not require anything drastic like a cull (desirable though that would be in many instances!). People are being born and dying all the time, as more people are being born than are dying the population increases. A few simple measures would kick the pendulum in the other direction. When people on low/no incomes choose to breed, simply don’t give them any extra benefits, not only would this bring the birthrate down but it would be in line with the law of natural selection. If by the time someone reaches their forties they have not attained a level of wealth to support children, there is obviously something wrong with them, most likely they are either lazy, stupid or both. Lazy and stupid people should not be encouraged to pollute the gene pool!

The same holds true for the third world. The population increases beyond a level the land can support, famine strikes, and instead of sitting back and letting nature do it’s work by weeding out the weak, we send over millions of pounds worth of aid. Reducing the foreign aid budget to a nice round figure (ie zero) would not only do wonders for population control (and therefore the environment), but also for the western nations’ economies.

Of course all this is theoretical – no politician with any career ambition is ever going to seriously address the issue of population reduction. To be a successful politician, one needs support from the general public, and also from big business. For the corporations, more people equals more consumers which in turn equals more profit.

With the general public it’s a bit more complicated. It is a basic human need to want to leave some mark behind after we’re gone, something to say we were here. I believe it is this instinct that drives musicians, artists, writers etc to create. Unfortuantely most humans are uncreative drones, the only thing they are capable of leaving behind are offspring. People have got used to the idea that they have the right to have as many children as they like, and if they can’t afford to bring them up themselves, that the State (ie us taxpayers) has a responsibility towards them. Any challenge to this will simply not be tolerated.

All is not lost though. I believe nature will eventually find a way restoring balance. Perhaps some major pandemic will wipe out a large part of the earth’s population, perhaps WWIII will rid the planet of it’s human louse infestation completely. Who knows? I am pretty confident that I will be long gone by the time the population has increased to crisis levels so I don’t care, the second I die the universe will cease to exist. Until then I shall continue to enjoy every second of my carnal existence, unfetterd by false guilts or limp-wristed sentimentality.

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